Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

What information should I have available when placing an order?

In order to provide you with accurate pricing and expected turnaround, we will 

need to know the following information:

What would you like to have printed?  

Flyers, booklets, posters, Business Cards, etc.
How many?  

Number of finished pieces needing to be printed
What is the Size?   

Dimensions of the finished piece (flat / folded if applicable)
What kind of Paper?  

Type of paper preferred (text weight or cover stock, matte or gloss)
How does it print?  

Full Color or black & white?  1 sided or 2 sided?
Does your job require any finishing/bindery? 

Does your order need to be Cut, Folded, Bound, Laminated, etc.
Turnaround Time: 

What is your deadline?  Please be clear when you need to have your job completed. We update our design and production schedule daily, and every job has different design and production times.

Are you in a hurry?  Rush services may be available for an additional cost.
As always, if you have questions, please feel free to give us a call at 

814-833-9020! We love to help!  We are open Monday-Friday from 8am – 4pm.


Copyright laws govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of the copyrighted material. “Fair Use” allows for photocopying and reproduction of copyrighted material limited to:

·  Commentary
·  Criticism
·  News reporting
·  Research
·  Teaching
·  Library archiving
·  Scholarship

Presque Isle Printing reserves the right to refuse an order if the fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law. 

How Should I Prepare Files To Send For Printing?


What File Types Are Acceptable For Printing?

For optimum printing, send us your High Resolution, Flattened PDF or JPEG files. Layered PDFs can lose elements when opened by computers other than the one used to design the files. Please remember to outline any fonts used in the art files. We are not responsible for inaccuracies (formatting or font substitutions) due to files submitted with layers & transparencies. 


High Resolution means your files are at a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) and are best for clean and clear printing. 

Presque Isle Printing provides high-resolution (600DPI), presentation-quality print services.  If low-resolution files are provided, they will look blurry or pixelated when printed. 

​Low resolution (150-72 DPI) files are for on-screen viewing, i.e computer or phone screens.

We do not have the ability to convert a low-resolution file into a high-resolution file.  You will be notified prior to printing if there is an image quality concern with your order. Orders will be placed on hold until we receive acceptable files, possibly delaying your turn-around time.  If notice is given of low-resolution images and production approval is given, the customer agrees to accept the job as is, and Presque Isle Printing will not be held responsible if the order requires a reprint.

NOTE: Additional charges may be incurred for converting files to acceptable formats for printing.  Please do not send us screenshots to use for your print file, either…

That's just crazy.   


Bleed? What is that and how should I set up a bleed for my project?

 When the design extends all the way to the edge of the artwork - in print speak, this is known as the "Bleed." It prevents a thin white border from appearing on your final printed piece once trimmed down to preserve the finished look of the final product.  Please include crop marks in your design if your file includes a bleed.  We are not responsible for errors in the final print work due to the client not including crop marks in their design files. 

 Additionally, we require .25" "safe zone" from the cut line. All-important text and logos must be at least .25" inches away from the cut line. This ensures that no important elements of your design are cut during the finishing process.

Confused?  We can talk it out or send you a template!  

Call us, we love to help!  814-833-9020. 


What Color Mode Should My Files Be?

 We have digital copiers for our printing process.

 The copiers print in CMYK color sets.
If you send us an RGB file the colors will appear 

different than what is shown on your screen. 

We are not responsible for re-prints due to the

wrong color set being sent to us and printed. 


Should I Include Crop Marks In My Graphics?

 Please include crop marks if your file has a bleed. 

I've Created My Own Artwork How do I Prepare My Files?



Do not subset fonts.  All fonts must be totally embedded. Do not apply any compression. Be sure graphics are correct color mode (CMYK, grayscale, spot color, etc.) and resolution (300dpi or higher). Color management should be disabled. Printer marks are not required, but if used, they should be 0.25” from outside of trim (we would prefer that you do not use them unless your file includes a bleed.) Preferred PDF format is PDF 1.5/Acrobat 6 or higher. 

Using Adobe InDesign (.indd or .idml)

Be sure to supply all fonts and graphics by packing your document.  Use the “package for service provider” (See graphic below) process in the FILE menu. Please make sure all colors used in the document are of the correct type: CMYK colors for 4-color printing, Pantone colors for spot-color printing and Black ONLY for black and white printing. (DO NOT use RGB colors!)  If you are printing in grayscale only, please do not use “colors” for shading in your document: use a percent “screen” of black instead. Bear in mind that any transparency effects applied in your document will be flattened. As a rule, try to avoid InDesign transparency effects: they are largely incompatible with our PrePress RIP and your document may print darker or look slightly different than expected. 


Using Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps), CorelDraw and Freehand (.eps only)

Please convert all fonts to outlines/paths, particularly if your file was created on a Mac. This will ensure there are no font matching problems and that your fonts will look the way you expect them to. Please supply all linked, unembedded images (such as a photo placed into the document). Please make sure color mode is CMYK and if the file is meant to be printed in grayscale, please convert all colors to grayscale. Please make sure the color mode of imported images (if any) is also correct (CMYK, grayscale). If meant to be printed in color, please make sure all colors used in the document are of the correct type (CMYK for 4-color printing, spot colors for spot color printing). All transparent effects must be flattened. We prefer EPS files over “native” (.ai) files. 

Using Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .tif, .jpg)

We prefer JPG or native Photoshop documents (.psd). Images meant to print in full color should be set to CMYK mode and be sure the file is a minimum of 150 dpi/ppi (300 dpi preferred) at the final reproduction size. GIFs and JPEGs (particularly images acquired from the internet) are generally insufficient quality for print reproduction. You are 100% responsible for the quality, or lack thereof, of any printouts we make if the problem is related to the resolution of your images).  


Using Canva (.pdf)

To download your design as a print file, click the download button at the top right-hand corner of the screen(See graphic above). This will display the download menu, with a handful of options for how to publish your design. Click the PDF: for print button to get a print quality file (do NOT choose the PDF: standard button).  

Follow Up Questions About Art Files And Proofing?

I Was Told That My File Is NOT Print-Ready?

I Don't Have A File But I Want To Get Something Printed - What do I do?

I Don't Have A File But I Want To Get Something Printed - What do I do?

Our ability to edit customer-provided files differs with each order and is based on file type and set-up. If your file requires minor adjustments for printing, additional charges will be incurred.

If more time-consuming edits are necessary, we offer graphic design services billed at $75.00 per hour with a

minimum of $20 per order.

I Don't Have A File But I Want To Get Something Printed - What do I do?

I Don't Have A File But I Want To Get Something Printed - What do I do?

I Don't Have A File But I Want To Get Something Printed - What do I do?

No problem! 

Our team of highly skilled in-house graphic designers are here to help

make your vision a reality.

Our typesetting and design service fees

are $75.00/hour. 

If you require or are wanting pictures or  images added to your design, we have many stock images available for an additional fee.  

What Is A Proof And Why Is It Needed?

I Don't Have A File But I Want To Get Something Printed - What do I do?

What Is A Proof And Why Is It Needed?

A proof is a document used for visual inspection to ensure that the layout, information and colors of your document are exactly how they are intended to be printed. A proof is made prior to sending the document to production for final printing.  If you are utilizing our design services, we will provide a digital PDF proof via email.  If you are sending us a file for printing, we will not send you a proof and your job will be sent immediately to production.  

What is Presque Isle Printing’s proofing policy?

 After discussing your design request, we will provide you with an initial quote

for the design services based on the information you have provided.  

We will create a digital proof that will be sent via email.  

A hard copy proof can be provided for an additional fee.

Standard digital items (e.g. flyers, business cards, posters, flat / folded cards) 

include 1 digital proof with two minor revisions* included in the initial quoted design/typesetting fees. Additional proofs will be charged at a minimum of $5 each based on the changes requested.

The customer is responsible for reviewing all proofs for any errors, including, but not limited to spelling and grammar. If you are viewing the proof on a mobile device, proof colors may appear distorted. To view proof correctly you may have to open and view on a laptop or desktop computer.  Presque Isle Printing will not be held responsible if your job requires a reprint due to errors not found in proofing. 

(See Proof Approval Form to the Right).

Your approval of the final proof is the best assurance you have that every aspect of your design is correct and that everything reads and appears the way YOU intended. Things move fast and mistakes can and sometimes do happen. It benefits everyone if errors are caught in the proofing process rather than after the job is completed.

After your emailed or signed approval is received your order is sent IMMEDIATELY to production and no further edits or changes can be made.  If changes are required after approval, you are responsible for the reprint charges.

*Minor changes are defined as changing a short text phrase or grammatical error. Moving, adding photos and text to the page or changing the orientation means we are doing layout changes and is considered a major revision and will incur additional fees based on the revisions needed.


Can you text me a proof? Will you text me when my order is ready for pickup? TEXT ME!

Can you text me a proof? Will you text me when my order is ready for pickup? TEXT ME!

Can you text me a proof? Will you text me when my order is ready for pickup? TEXT ME!

 Our design process is completed on a computer and we are unable to text clients their proofs. We are honestly shocked that people ask us this. Proofs will be provided digitally via email.  

A hard copy proof can be requested for an additional fee.

Oops! I submitted a graphic and realized it was wrong an hour later. What can I do?

Can you text me a proof? Will you text me when my order is ready for pickup? TEXT ME!

Can you text me a proof? Will you text me when my order is ready for pickup? TEXT ME!

 Probably nothing, but please call us right away at 

814 - 833 - 9020 during our regular business hours 

(Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm.)  Due to our day-to-day production schedule, we send orders immediately to production after proof approval is given. This means jobs move very fast, and once files are prepped and sent to print, it's usually too late to make a change once approval has been given.

PLEASE make sure you double and triple-quadruple check all your graphics/files before submitting an order.

***If a reprint is necessary after proof approval is given the customer is responsible for all reprint charges.***

What Is Your Standard Turnaround Time For Orders?

Every job has a different turnaround/production time. We are also always updating our production and design schedule. 

Our average turnaround for standard printing project is 3-5 days from when we receive a proof approval or supplied artwork from the client.

Customers receive a digital PDF proof via e-mail on every job we design.  

Jobs DO NOT go to production until approval from the customer is received.

Turnaround times start from the time we receive your print ready file or approval. If a job has revised files, is placed on hold, or is awaiting proof approval the turnaround begins after approval is given.  Orders that are received after 1:00pm will be schedule for the following days production/design schedule.

Our turnaround times refer solely to production. Please keep in mind that the printing of your project depends on many factors, such as, but not limited to our production schedule, availability of a machine, availability of paper stock in our warehouse, and other factors beyond our control. Once the job production is complete it may take up to one business day for orders to be available for pick-up.  It is our goal to release all jobs as soon as the completion of production allows.

Please note that changes/revisions to active orders will delay turnaround. 

Orders will not be scheduled for production until we receive a print-ready file. If the order requires our DESIGN SERVICES for the layout, we are not able to start the designing process until we receive all the necessary information to start the design.

Please call us at (814) 833-9020 to discuss options for time-sensitive orders.

What If I Need A Project Printed By A Certain Date?

We are committed to meeting all customer deadlines to the best of our ability. 

Please inquire for turnaround time on custom items.  In certain cases, we can offer quicker turnaround times at an additional cost (Rush Fee). Due to some printing processes, Rush Service is not available on all products. 

Please call us at 814-833-9020, to discuss options for time-sensitive orders.

Do You Print Photos Or Have Low-Volume Copy Services?

 We do not offer traditional photo processing. 

We specialize in high-volume commercial printing only. 

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity?

There are minimum quantity for most standard marketing items including posters, flyers, brochures, and flat / folded cards.  Price breaks are quantity-based (250, 500 or 1,000). Custom and offset items such as envelopes, stickers/labels, coated business cards, and die cut items may require a minimum order of 500 to 1000 pieces. It is best to contact us to see if your project meets our minimum order requirements. 

We love to help!  Call us Monday-Friday 9am – 3pm at 814-833-9020. 

What Sizes Can You Print?

 We can produce anything from as small as 2” square to as large as

24” X 36” posters to typical sized banners and everything in between. 

Depending on the job, there may be some limitations.  

See Photos Below.


How Do I Know What Paper To Use For My Order?

The paper stock will vary depending on the job. 

Below is a list of standard paper stocks used for particular jobs. There are varying degrees of paper thicknesses & textures. 

You can contact us for assistance in choosing the best stock for your project at our office at 814-833-9020 Monday-Friday, 9am – 3pm. 

Brochures and Flyers

Most commonly printed on 60# Matte Text stock. This is a nice-looking, substantial paper with a non-glossy finish. We also offer a 100# glossy text stock which is also a typical stock for such jobs 


If mailing, the minimum paper weight is 65# cover or 80# Cover.  We do offer a coated 16pt cover for orders of 250 or more. 


Most commonly printed on an 80# cover. We do offer this in a matte or coated stock for sizes up to 11x17.  If you are needing a larger poster printed, please give us a call for pricing and stock options at  814-833-9020,  Monday-Friday  9am – 3pm 

Standard Business Forms

Typically printed on 20# White Bond (standard copier paper) or multi-part NCR paper (2-Part White/Canary, 3-Part White/Canary/Pink, 4-Part White/Canary/Pink/Goldenrod, etc.) 

Common Paper Weight Terms

 The basic measurements of a given grade of paper is defined as the weight (in pounds) of 500 standard-sized sheets of that paper. With that in mind, here are different examples of paper grades and their respective basis weights:

Bond: Most commonly used for business forms and copying.

Our standard weight is 20#.

Text: A high-quality grade paper with a lot of surface texture. Standard weights range from 60# to 100# with the most common being 70#

Cover: Used for creating business cards, postcards, invitations and book covers. Can be either coated or uncoated. Standard weights for this grade are 65#, 80# 100# or 120#.